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Thank you for taking the time to review my website.
I hope there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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Thank you for visiting,

 “Reflective Photography.”  

My vision is to always reflect the beauty within. 

At times, we need a little push to help remind us and that's where I come in! 

With my guidance and expertise, we can make your dreams turn into reality. 

I'm Joseline Velasquez, the founder of “Reflective Photography.” My journey began at the young age of 12 years old when I discovered my gift for creative writing. Culminating from junior high, I had the honor to be a part of the journalism yearbook staff as contributing photographer. During high school, I was recognized as a layout editor for the yearbook staff where two of my graphic designs were chosen to be displayed in the yearbook. 

To this day I have a huge appreciation to my yearbook teacher Ms.Rooney, for teaching me the world of graphic design and Adobe Photoshop. Since then I've mastered my cutting, pasting, editing, photoshop, graphic design, and so many creative skills to optimize the best visuals. 

Marketing is a skill I began developing four years ago, by accepting various collaborative opportunities for promotional and entertainment purposes. From roller skate entertainment, event modeling, special appearances, photography, and digital marketing. My passion for digital art includes graphic design, newsletters, flyers, logos, banners, business cards, brochures, photo sessions, advertising and so much more!!! As a multiverse creator, it is my mission to use my skills to bring your ideas to life. 

Let's create together and put you on the map! 

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